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Our Projects

General Administration of Civil Aviation

Project name: Emergency maintenance work for buildings affiliated to the General Administration of Civil Aviation

Kuwait Fire Force.

Project name: Recruit, operate and use specialized technical labor for emergency maintenance work with cars and equipment needed .

Ministry of awqaf and Islamic Affairs - Mosques Sector

Project name: Restoration and simple periodic maintenance and any other worksin different locations of

The Ministry of Public Works.

Project name: maintenance of air conditioners (units and windows), water coolers and various refrigerators.

General Authority for Food and Nutrition.

Project name: Providing maintenance and repair services for air

Zakat House.

Maintenance of central air conditioning and separate units for the House of Zakat. A comprehensive annual maintenance

The council ministers general secretariat.

Project name: Supply, installation, and operation of (4) refrigeration and air conditioning units

ministry of education.

Project name: Supplying, transporting, installing, guaranteeing, and maintaining electrical appliances for government housing

The Ministry of Electricity and Water.

Supply and installation of office furniture and work units for the fingerprint management office, the development

Kuwait Awqaf public foundation.

Internal maintenance and repair of defects, errors, and problems in the main building