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Kuwait Fire Force

Project name: Recruit, operate and use specialized technical labor for emergency maintenance work with cars and equipment needed for a period Three years

The contract aims to recruit, operate, and provide skilled and specialized technical labor for emergency maintenance work that occurs In the buildings affiliated to the General Fire Department, the work required of this workforce includes, but is not limited to:

1- Replacing light bulbs and their various spare parts, in addition to repairing emergency and rapid electrical faults, which -The cause of the malfunction is internal and within the building's internal electrical network.

2- Repair and replacement of water taps, sanitary kits and bathroom accessories in the buildings of the General Fire Department - In the event of any emergency malfunctions, in addition to the internal sewage wiring works in the buildings affiliated with the Public Administration for extinguishing.

3- Repair of emergency malfunctions that occur in the acoustics systems and loudspeakers in the fire stations.

4- Repairing water coolers and refrigerators for centers affiliated with the General Fire Department.

5- Manufacture and supply of some of the required wooden office supports such as shelves, cabinets, doors, and other works - Various carpentry.

6- Manufacture and supply of some required metal office equipment such as shelves, cabinets, doors and other works - Various blacksmithing.

  • Contract Number: (9-2019/2020)
  • Contract Amount: 320,100.000

Public Authority: Kuwait Fire force

Project name: Construction, restoration, and maintenance of a building for collapse for technical rescue

It is about the construction, completion and maintenance of a training building for firefighters on how to deal with fires and the rescue process in confined spaces and disasters that require high physical fitness and training them to remove obstacles during the rescue phase and protect lives and property, noting that the project site is in Sulaibiya, opposite Sixth Ring Road, next to Agility Company.

  • Practice Number: (41/2019/2020)
  • Contract Amount: 67,691.000